Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day: Past, Present, Future

This display contains articles relating to Earth Day published in the University of South Dakota’s student newspaper The Volante from 1970 to present times.  Along with the clippings rest selected books and films from the University Libraries collection available for check out.  Inside the case you will also find the poster for this year’s week long celebration of Earth Day.  There are many events happening in and around the Vermillion community that can provide you with a contextualized experience.  The theme of Earth (Every)Day was meant as a reminder that a one day celebration of the Earth won’t be enough to generate lasting change for the environment and it’s people.  Instead the organizers ask that everyday be viewed as Earth Day.  On the side of this case you will find post-it notes.  Please take one and write a statement about what you do (or could do) to help make the Earth a better place, you can also use a photograph to tell your story by tagging it with #eartheveryday on Instagram.  Examples of activities could be recycling, using reusable water containers, walking or biking instead of driving, buying local, picking up garbage, reading about environmental issues to become more informed, or a multitude of others.  What will your legacy be?  

This display is located on the west side of 2nd floor.