Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Database Trial - U.S. Serial Set

The U.S. Serial Set is a collection of U.S. Government publications compiled under directive of the Congress. It contains comprehensive and often detailed information on an extremely wide range of subjects. There has rarely been a published series of its depth and breadth of coverage, and none in this country as long-lived. Its earliest documents date from 1789 and additions are made continually.

The trial is now available and runs from 14-OCT-2014 - 13-NOV-2014.

The trial includes access to:

Serial Set 1789-1969
Serial Set 2 Part A 1970-1979
Serial Set 2 Part B 1980-1989
Serial Set 2 Part C 1990-2003
Serial Set 2 Part D 2004-2010
Serial Set 2 Part E 2011
Serial Set 2 Part F 2012
Serial Set 2 Part G 2013
Serial Set High Resolution Maps 1789-1969

You can access the trial  using this web address:


Please be aware if you wish to download a PDF of an article, you will need to click Replica of Original to get the article.