Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What is "U Get It" in the library databases?

By entering a research database through the libraries’ Research Gateway, users can experience integration between databases in order to find the full text in another library database. The "U Get It" button can also seamlessly take you to interlibrary loan (ILLiad) to request full text articles not available through the University Libraries.

The "U Get It" button does not necessarily mean the library does not own the full text of an article, it only means that it is not available in the database you are currently searching. It may be available in another database, and the "U Get It" button will help you to find it.

  • Example: PubMed currently contains more the 23 million article citations, but only a small fraction are available in full text within PubMed. By entering PubMed through the Library’s Research Gateway, and authenticating as a USD user, you will immediately have more access to full text articles using the "U Get It" button.

(Thanks to Shelie Vacek for this blog entry!)

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