Friday, November 29, 2013

Food for Fines

Food for Fines Program
December 1 – 18, 2013
One food item = $1.00 in overdue fines

Each item of food will credit $1.00 toward your overdue fines
Fine of $4.00 = four food items
Fine of $4.25 = five food items
·        Only unopened, pre-packaged, unexpired food will be accepted
·        No Ramen noodles
·        No perishable food
·        Actual cost of food will not be considered in crediting fines
·        Food accepted for overdue fines only, NOT for ILL or lost book charges
·        Food donations will also be gratefully accepted
Canned fruits or vegetables     Soup     Canned meat or fish     Pork & beans     Jelly     Peanut butter
Boxed macaroni & cheese     Cereal     Pasta/canned sauce

All proceeds will be donated to the Vermillion Food Pantry.  For more information, email, ask at the Circulation Desk, or call 605-677-5373