Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Play" Student Installation on 2nd floor

"Play" - Nov. 21 - End of Semester

Please check out the new installation exhibit, “Play” by USD art student, Ashley Lemon.  It’s at the top of the stairs on the west side. Now until the end of the semester.         

“Play” is a table built to promote not only ‘play’ but also stress relief in the form of creation for adults. In a gallery the viewer is not supposed to touch the art; however, touch is a sense that we all used while growing up to learn about and understand different things. As a child we touch, we play, and we create with no worries, however as an adult many people lose the child like whims of touch, play and creation to jobs, bills, and many worries. “Play” was built in the hopes that when a viewer approaches it, they can escape the worries of an average adult and be pulled back to a time when the important part of the day was doing something that would make you smile.